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Together, we can build a future that benefits all of St. James by

Enhancing our buildings and grounds to support the growing needs of our church and school;

Equipping our facilities with multi-use spaces that accommodate diverse needs;

Reinvigorating our ministry to children, youth and families;

Allowing for continued growth of St. James School through 6th grade.



This campaign is a natural and timely extension of who we were upon our consecration almost 100 years ago. St. James has always been a prominent and important presence on the Eastern Shore. Now is our opportunity to use our entire campus while ensuring our spaces and configuration meet our church’s needs. The proposed changes do not alter who we are at St. James. They enable us to do more of what God has called us to do in this time and place.

We held our first church service at our current home on Easter Sunday 1994, and though the faces have changed through the years, we remain a vibrant, active community, anchored in Christ, seeking God, sharing his love and serving others. Our church is a beacon on this hilltop. It is a light and an invitation to all, whether they come here for worship, music, Christian formation, outreach, or education. We are a beacon. Our church family has reflected God’s love into the community and shown people Christ-centered hospitality on these grounds. With God’s blessing, we have continued to attract new members and add new ministries.

We are an active parish, and after years of finding new and sometimes creative ways to maximize use of our facilities, we again need more space to accommodate the Parish and School. We are blessed! Our history has taught us that growth is an opportunity to put our faith in God. Our predecessors understood that growth is both a blessing and a responsibility. We must continue to grow and carry out the good work we have been called to do. 
 We believe that together we can build a future that strengthens our relationship with God, each other, and our community. Over the past few years, the vestry has met with ministry leaders and created focus groups within the Parish to assess our current and future needs. We greatly appreciate everyone’s input, and after much prayer and consideration, we believe the following plan is our best path forward.

Renovations & Enhancements

Green Hall

Green Hall's current capacity is 180 people seated at tables. This space can be renovated to increase seating capacity significantly by enclosing and glassing in the breezeway to the north and installing a “sliding wall” to provide opportunity for larger lecture events, increased seating at Parish meals, and greater flexibility for fellowship, receptions, and other events. When this area is closed off, it will provide additional meeting spaces and a thoroughfare (Main Street) to travel around Green Hall without interrupting events going on inside.

Music & Choir

Our music ministries are currently limited by space and accessibility. A larger and more accessible ground floor space located to the south of Green Hall, between the kitchen and the administrative wing, will allow our music program to flourish and grow.

Access & Visibility

We have long outgrown the capacity of our driveway on Section Street. With the City's impending construction of a roundabout at Section and Triangle Drive, our need for an additional driveway is a priority in order to better manage traffic flow and safety. 

Multipurpose Building/Gymnasium

As St. James grows, so grows the need for space for children's ministries, outreach, formation, Family Promise, parish-wide celebrations, indoor play, performances, dining, and group meetings. This multipurpose space will be a draw for wider community events and activities. 

St. James Episcopal School

In 2018, St. James opened its doors with a preschool class of 12 students. Five years later, we have 100 students and the need for additional capacity. The school has proven that it helps to grow the church. We will add classrooms and administrative offices in order to accommodate Pre-K through 6th grade. This will also provide shared spaces for additional youth programming.

Anticipated Cost

The anticipated cost of the completed project, renovations and enhancements, is $7,5000,000.