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What is the timeline for construction? Approximately 24-30 months once we begin.

Looks as though we’ll be adding a good bit of square footage.  How much are we adding? We will add approximately 15,000 square feet of new space, and 3200 square feet of unfinished space for future use. Additionally, there will be 2500 square feet of renovation.

What will go into the space where the choir was located upstairs? Since 2019, the current choir room has been a shared space. Once the choir room is relocated, the current space will be made available for meetings, activities, and prayer groups.

If this campaign will give us all we need to get the school through 6th grade, do we plan to cap our enrollment?  If so at what number? Our current plans include the addition of 8 classrooms (4 finished, 4 unfinished for later completion). This will allow us to have one classroom each for grades 2-6. Our planned total number of students should not exceed 250.

How many people will the “new” Green Hall hold versus what it will hold today? The current Green Hall will hold about 180 people; the new combined space will hold approximately 240.

What if we don’t raise the money we need to do all the work?  Will we get a mortgage?  Is there a threshold for what we must raise to commit to the plan? We are going into this campaign to raise the total funds that we need to complete the project—approximately $7.5 million. We believe our parish has the capacity and propensity to fund this project. It is not our intention to have a mortgage (and then need another capital campaign somewhere down the road to get us out of debt).

We are increasing the size of everything except worship space. What happens when we run out of room in the church and chapel? We currently hold one Sunday service in the chapel and two services in the church. The chapel can easily seat around 60 and the church can seat about 350 before it feels crowded, which equates to approximately 760 people per week. Our current average Sunday attendance is around 400, so we have some time before that would be an issue. With the new multi-purpose space we plan to add, there is potential to add another service in that location. We could also add another service in the church.

What is the pledge period for the capital campaign? The Growing Faithfully Capital Campaign encompasses a three-year pledge period, which is in addition to the annual ministry pledge. Some people will fulfill their pledges more quickly if, for example, they choose to contribute through an IRA or 401(k). Others may require additional time (up to 5 years) to fulfill their commitments. 

What will happen to the rose garden?  The rose garden will remain in place unless we feel the need to create a larger outdoor gathering/seating space. Perhaps even then, we could retain some space for roses as they are cherished by many.

What is the spiritual goal of the campaign? The spiritual goal of the campaign is to enter into a time of prayer and discernment regarding how God is calling each of us to use our resources to fulfill St. James’ vision for our future. Our collective response to the campaign prayer, “God, what do you want to do through me?” will honor God and ensure St. James will grow faithfully into the future. 

Love the idea of covered drop-offs at the church and school/multipurpose building.  Will there be a ramp added to where the stairs are on the one closest to the church? Yes, a ramp will be installed at the front drop-off.

The columbarium is in a beautiful setting but it needs some work to make it a more pleasant and contemplative space. Are there any plans to do something back there? Add some seating, landscaping? The Committee in charge of the space surrounding the columbarium does have plans for improvements. This is not part of the capital campaign improvements.

Will there be any changes to the kitchen space or our current restrooms? Some light renovation is planned for these areas.

I love that we are adding a new space that can be used to serve our community and bring people outside of the church into St James.  What will we call our new multi-purpose space? No decision has been made at this point. 

How will this project affect our outreach efforts? We currently send over $170,000 per year to other organizations, not including our Diocesan pledge. This figure does not include the many generous, non-monetary gifts to support local, charitable entities. We expect the expanded spaces will allow for even greater participation in community outreach.